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A little bit about Shannon Kennedy

"Growing up in Southern Orange County, Shannon Kennedy gravitated to the pop sounds of everyone from Tracy Chapman and Jewel to Donna Lewis and Duran Duran while trying out a variety of different instruments. At six, she picked up her first acoustic guitar and aspired to be the next Chapman or Jewel, then later, encouraged by her grandmother, started playing the piano. Kennedy also did backup vocals for local and school musical theatre presentations, and was leading the vocal choir by age 11 at her uncle’s church in San Diego. While always supportive, her parents Dave and Sherry were somewhat musically challenged, and early on, she says, they didn’t teach her the difference between trumpet and flute. So in sixth grade, when her band teacher asked the class to write down the instrument she wanted to play, she wrote "flute," fully expecting to be handed a trumpet.

"When she got to high school, she still had her heart on playing the trumpet, but her local music store didn’t have any for sale; instead, she picked up the sax, took immediately to it and took over the first chair in the jazz band. Because her school was oriented towards the arts, her teachers were able to connect her and many of her bandmates to numerous paying gigs throughout Orange County, from restaurants and concerts to mall openings and Christmas shows as part of a big band or small combos." - by Jonathon Widran, taken with permission from shannon-kennedy.com